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The Village bills taxes once a year in July. Taxes can be paid through September 14 without penalty or interest. In addition to Village taxes, residents receive a summer bill from Vernon Township that can be paid through September 14 without penalty or interest also. The Township mails a third tax bill in December that can be paid through February 14 without penalty or interest.

2016 Village Tax Rate: General Operating Millage11.0043 mills

To estimate your Village tax, you will need your property’s most recent taxable value and us the following formula:

(Taxable Value x Millage Rate) / 1,000 = Village tax

Example: Taxable value of a home in the Village of $50,000

50,000 x 11.0043 / 1000 = $550.22

Yearly Garbage/Recycling Assessment:$190.00 per unit

Questions regarding your Village tax bill, contact the Village Office at 989-288-2300

For assessing information including year built, square footage or questions regarding your Township tax bill please contact Vernon Township at 989-288-4403

Late Tax Payments

After September 14, the Village will forward delinquent taxes to the Shiawassee County Treasurer for collection. For more information on late payments please contact the Treasurer office at 989-743-2224.

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